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Securing your Projects & Future Profits

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1. Contractors All Risks Insurance CAR

Contractor’s all risks insurance is a type of policy that offers a coverage if any damage to ongoing work on a construction site due to any sudden or unforeseen circumstances.

This insurance offers cover under two sections:

  • Section One covers any sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to the contract works.
  • Section Two covers your legal liabilities resulting from any third-party bodily injury or third-party property damage caused by an accident at the contract site. Cover can be extended to include construction plant and equipment, temporary buildings, maintenance period, offsite
    storage, inland transportation related to the project, etc.

Engineering Insurance

Risks associated with the execution of construction or engineering projects are varied – and that is why, we have core specialists in engineering insurance who scrutinize every individual project for unique sets of risk pattern that affects your execution plan! 

We offer wide range of Engineering insurance solutions to cater for the Construction/ Erection projects as well as the machinery and equipment:


Erection All Risks Insurance offers cover that is similar to Contractors All Risks Insurance with the exception that this cover is specially
designed to ensure engineering works where major portion of the work relates to erection or installation of any plant or machinery.


Equipment Insurance covers Construction Equipment, Machinery, Plants etc. for Own Damage & Third-Party Liability (site and offsite risks). This insurance suits contractors using their Construction Plants and Equipment onsite and offsite. It’s an annual policy and covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the insured items, necessitating their repair or replacement. 

The sum insured should always be equal to the costs of replacement of the insured machinery by new machinery of the same kind


Machinery Breakdown insurance provides effective insurance cover for plant and machinery in factories, workshops, industries etc against accidental breakdown and physical damage of the machinery, the cost of repairs or replacement of the damaged machine parts. The emergence of such losses shall be from both internal and external causes. These could be short circuit, structural defects, loosening of parts, excessive speed, lack of lubrication, etc.

The protection is offered for machines both in working and in rest condition. Some other conditions are when dismantled or moved or re-assembled for cleaning, inspection or repair.