Maid & Driver Insurance

Get insurance for your Helper ( housemaid , driver , cleaner, cooker )

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Maid & Driver Insurance

Through our insurance product, we ensure peace of mind to Owners and Sponsors, seamless processing, simple underwriting and policy
issuance. Domestic policy cover your maid/driver against domestic accident, illness, death and disability that might happen while they are
working in your premise.

When a Sponsor brings a maid/ driver into Qatar from their home country, it also comes with lots of responsibilities, essentially, the health and well-being of the domestic maid working for the Sponsor.

Supplementary Benefits

  1. Maximum Liability Amount QAR 100,000/-
  2. Accidental Death
  3. Permanent Total Disability – Accident
  4. Domestic work 24 hours Cover
  5. Addition cover can be provided

You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your helper is also protected should she accidentally injures someone else or their property while carrying out her duties.