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Our comprehensive travel insurance products are designed to meet all your travel needs!

We offer for you

Loss of Personal Baggage, Personal Money & Passport

During your trip. Your personal belongings will be covered for the accidental damageor theft.

Baggage Delay

Delay for 12 or more from the time of your arrival at your destination. You will be covered for any emergency purchase of essential items limited to clothing, toiletries and medications.

Delayed Departure

If your flight is delayed for 12 hours or more from scheduled departure due to unexpected events such as strikes, dverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown or technical fault.

Emergency Medical Expenses & Transportation

Arising from accidental bodily injury or sickness during your trip. We will also arrange for transportation to be a better-equiped in your country of residence or somewhere closer.

Planning to take part in any activities or sports?

If you planning to take part in any activities or sports including winter and water sports, trekking and safari, make sure that you are covered for it.

Planning a trip to Europe?

Make sure you get Travel Schengen - Compulsory minimmum cover required for obtaining a visa to any Schengen Country. You can get your travel insurance certificate immediately after the purchase.

Travelling within the GCC? We offer two covers

  • Travel Inbound - This offers you mandatory Medical Cover during your stay.
  • Travel Inbound Plus - Medical Cover along with additional travel covers for lost baggage and flight cancellation.