Personal Accident Insurance

Secure yourself against accidental death and disability with personal accident insurance, purchase the best plan and save your medical expenses

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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance policy is essential to protect your family’s welfare and help maintain their current lifestyle.

Make the most of life by protecting yourself and your family’s future wellbeing from unexpected incidents.

You probably would have a life insurance policy to protect the financial needs of your family after your death and a medical insurance policy to act as a cushion and take care of your emergency hospitalization expenses.

But do you have personal accident insurance?

Unlike other popular insurance plans, not many people are aware of personal accident insurance. Because accidents may occur to anyone and you cannot stop it from happening, it is thus better to get a safeguard against personal accident , so your family doesn’t have to suffer in case of an accidental mishap. With Lusail Insurance Brokers, you can find all what you need to know about personal accident insurance – what it is, features, benefits, which insurer and policy to choose.


Why it is important:

Personal accident insurance provides cover to the insured against death or disability arising from an accident. This policy provides monetary compensation, in case of an accidental or
temporary or permanent total/partial disability sustained . It also covers the accidental medical expenses incurred in case of hospitalization due accidental injuries . A personal accident policy
thus provides a comprehensive coverage for you and your family against accidental mishaps.

Personal accident insurance can be purchased as an add-on cover to motor insurance, health insurance, or term insurance.


Here are the major advantages of purchasing a personal accident insurance plan:

  • Financial security for your family in case of emergencies
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Hassle-free claims
  • Extensive coverage at low premiums
  • Overseas coverage
  • Coverage for all your family members
  • No pre-application medical tests
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Child education benefit
  • And more


  • Accidental death
  • Total or Partial – permanent or temporary disability
  • Medical expenses (happened due to accident)
  • Repatriation expenses (happened due to accident)