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Lusail Insurance Brokers provide you by excellence a wide range of medical insurance plans designed for you and your loved ones to enjoy life’s moment. On top of this, you and your family will live in comfort and peace of mind whatever happens.

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Medical Insurance Policy Cover:

Medical Insurance policies insure you against unexpected medical emergencies and keep your family finances stable during such testing times. A Medical Insurance is a contract between the insurer and the person who holds the policy to cover for any surgical or medical expenses caused due to illnesses. Based on the individual and his health conditions, an insurance policy can cover basic medical expenses or cover a customized plan for specific health requirements.

With Lusail Insurance Brokers , you may rest assured that your insured members would be well taken care of regardless of the insurance package selected.

Be Insured and enjoy Medical Benefits

  • Accommodation (Room & Board), ICU
  • Surgical fees.
  • Anaesthesia.
  • Oxygen and other medical gases.
  • Medical and Nursing Supervision.
  • Services and Supplies.
  • Prescribed medicines and drugs and dressings.
  • Diagnosis Procedures (Lab and Radiology) Nursing fees, medical expenses and ancillary charges.
  • Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Physicians' fees.
  • Post hospitalization treatment received within 90 days of being discharged from hospital.
  • Reconstructive surgery following an accident or surgery for an eligible medical condition.
  • Artificial limbs and eyes, when necessitated by accidental bodily injuries or diseases occurring while under cover.
  • Casts, splints, trusses, braces and crutches.
  • Prostheses and surgical appliances.
  • Accidental damage to natural teeth, immediately post an accident (treatment as an inpatient or day care patient).
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Oncology treatment (Hamad only).
  • Acute reversible kidney failure.
  • Ophthalmology (consultation, eye test, medical and surgical therapy), laser and optical expenses are excluded.
  • One Parent to accompany a child up to 1 years of age.
  • Private Room and Board.
  • Consultations & Prescribed drugs.
  • Labs Tests, Scanner, X Rays.
  • Diagnostics tests (x-rays, MRI, PET, CT Scan, US, angiography, ECG, stress test, ECHO and Lab).
  • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.
  • Outpatient home visits for emergency conditions.
  • Day care treatment and surgery.
  • Outpatient surgical operations.
  • Ophthalmology (consultation, eye test, medical and surgical therapy)/ laser and optical expenses are excluded.
  • Emergency Local Ambulance Charges in Qatar.